Let’s take a tour into the Steel world with the story of transformation of the KRAFTWERK!


This Thursday, the 17th of January 2019, the visitors of the iForum – BAU2019 will have the opportunity to learn about the architecture as well as the history of the famous power plant in Munich-Obersendling -- now one of the hotspots for creative shopping and modern office spaces in the city.

Just by looking at these impressive pictures by Sasha Kletzsch, one can already have an idea of the work the architects from Stenger2 und Partner had in front of them in 2011 when the work began.

Markus Stenger will give an overview of the designing process of the building as he likes to describe it "Bauen-by-Doing" -- empirical approach used as a design tool by the Stenger2 team when they started the reconstruction in 2011 when the only thing remaining was a shell (outside walls) made of steel and reinforced concrete.

“It’s more of a machine, rather than a building. The generators, the heat exchange apparatus, all had to be removed to create floor space. We realized that what was left was a carcass, a shell of something that wasn’t there anymore. How do you transform this into a building?”

While making the history part of the design, it was important to create access points to all previous hidden parts of the building (former power plant) – and they can also be found also at its highest points: the roof and the 80-meter high chimneys.

For more insights into this unique project, don’t miss lecture by Markus Stenger that will take place this Thursday, the 17th of January, during the iForum realized by the stahlbauforum at the BAU Messe Munich 2019.




PS: for those who are not able to come, you can still learn more about the KRAFTWERK in the new released publication of the Ausgezeichneter Stahlbau 2018.